Linking Client Accounts held at The Bancorp Bank in eMoney

eMoney is an account aggregation tool that allows you to view client account details. To link your client accounts to eMoney, follow these steps:

1.   Select – ‘Add a Connection’

2.  Select - ‘The Bancorp Bank’

3.  Enter the Unique Financial Professional/Advisor/Rep Code associated with the account

  • This code is specific to the advisor and is associated with the advisor’s book of business.
  • Typically 6 digit code beginning with the letter “A”

4.  Initiate approval

  • Approval process will take approx. 1 business day

5.    Financial Professionals are able to share the accounts added through ‘The Bancorp Bank’ connection with their client by following these steps to link an Account for a Client:

  1. Click on ‘The Bancorp Bank’ connection
  2. Select ‘View Accounts by Group’
  3. Select Group that contains the client’s accounts
  4. Click ‘Link Accounts’

For questions on activating the connection, please contact eMoney Customer Service at 888.362.8482.