Monthly Transfers

Through the Cash Advantage service, you can help your clients create a customized and controlled spending plan that meets their individual needs. Your clients can select a Target Minimum (required) and Target Maximum (optional) balance for the checking account.  If the account drops below the Target Minimum (must be at least $2500), a transfer will be initiated from the linked AssetMark Trust custodial account to bring the Bancorp checking account up to meet the Target Minimum.  Setting a Target Maximum balance is optional. If a target maximum is selected and the checking account exceeds the Target Maximum level, the extra cash will be transferred back to the linked AssetMark Trust custodial account for investment purposes. This is particularly useful for clients receiving large sums of money, such as bonuses. On the 15th of each month (or the first business day thereafter), a funds transfer will be automatically initiated  to or from your client’s Cash Advantage – Checking Account according to the instructions originally provided on the client’s account application or as updated separately thereafter. Target Minimums (required) and Maximums (optional) can be adjusted at any time.

To change a Target Minimum (required) or Maximum (optional), please contact us  or use the form below.

Target Balance Change Form