Online Account Access

Client Access

Financial Professional Access  

  • TotalCash Manager or TCM gives a financial professional firm the ability to view the details of their clients' accounts via an easy-to-use, secure website. Each firm must complete the TCM Access Authorization Agreement to designate a TCM administrator (TCM Admin); only one TCM Agreement is required per firm. 
  • The TCM Admin can add other TCM users at the firm who are authorized to access client account information.  Anyone at the firm who is authorized to contact the Client Success team on behalf of clients should be added as a TCM user.
  • Financial professionals are granted access to client accounts through the account application.  To ensure your clients' accounts are linked to the correct TCM record, each application for a new client account must include your firm's TCM Company ID and your financial professional ID number or code (if applicable).  Once new client accounts are linked to your firm's TCM Company ID, the TCM Admin may assign accounts to additional TCM users, as appropriate.


  • eMoney is an account aggregation tool that allows you to view client details.