Cash Advantage Overview

Cash Advantage – Helping you deliver better wealth strategies
Through its Cash Advantage service, AseetMark Trust offers the financial tools for everyday money management and long-term financial planning. Focused on both deposit and lending services, Cash Advantage puts you and your clients in the game, ready to respond to changing financial circumstances and new possibilities. 

On this site 
You and your staff can access the information, forms and resources needed to service your clients quickly and efficiently from this website. In addition, our Client Success team is available to help with any needs or questions you may have. Contact or call 877.648.4896 to speak with a representative. 

Featured services 

  • Securities-Backed Line of Credit (SBLOC)
    Interest-only revolving line of credit 
    Quick access to cash when liquidity needs arise
    Option to use as overdraft protection for CAA
  • Cash Advantage Checking Account
    FDIC-insured account 
    No minimum balance to open
    Online account access 
  • TALEA® for faster loan origination and approval
    Sign on to the portal to create new SBLOC loan packages 
    “Meet once, sign once” documentation 
    Quickly connects clients to needed liquidity